Oxidative Therapies

Oxidative therapies place oxidative stress on infectious organisms, by generating an oxygen free radical which can kill or disable infectious organisms as well as cancer cells in cancer cell lines. It will kill cells that are weak or poorly performing cells, clearing them out so they can be replaced by healthy and functional cells. Just like we have a balance between alkaline and acidic forces, our bodies utilize oxidative stress and anti-oxidation to find health and homeostasis internally.

Oxidative therapies are delivered in a variety of ways, please request an appointment with one of our staff to learn more about how oxidative therapy may be able to help you.

Oxidative therapies are used in cases where an anaerobic organism or condition is detrimentally affecting a patient. These cases may include Cancer, Lyme disease or Lyme co-infections, viral infections such as Hepatitis C, Herpes, HPV, Epstein Bar Virus, Cytomegalovirus. It can also be used to support the patient’s well-being at the cellular level.

We will determine if you are a candidate for oxidative therapy by confirming your diagnosis of infectious organism, cancer, or other applicable illness.

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