Patient Stories

Amazing and brilliant physician

Dear, dear i2Med team,

Thank you so much for embracing me in this part of my life journey: that is what the whole experience at i2Med felt like to me, starting with you. I felt like I was embraced and gently carried through my stay here.

This is what sets i2Med apart from other clinics. The patient is treated very individually, but at one level deeper than most. I felt cared for as a true individual. Every aspect of my treatments felt tailored to me.

The level of care is also top notch. The environment is beautiful, but goes past skin-deep. Each treatment room is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is spotless, and is always organized and prepared for the next patient.

Each physician and staff member I interacted with had extremely robust credentials and very impressive status in their particular area of the field. I knew like I had an elite medical team caring for me. But they did not stand on ceremony and their credentials. It was a very human interaction on all levels.

Dr. Sean Devlin is a brilliant person and physician. Unlike many other brilliant people, he does not strive to prove it. Rather he relates to the patient on their level, explaining points thoroughly to ensure comprehension and understanding. I’ve known Dr. Devlin for many years now and he never ceases to impress me. I’m so grateful he is my doctor.

Dr. Oscar Streeter is another amazing and brilliant physician who relates to the patient on a very human level. It is so stunning to actually converse with your oncologist! He brings humanity and sensitivity to a field that does not see a lot of either. His smile and his laughter can make my day!

Charlie Mann, Cyrus Rafie, and Sarah Lee were my treatment team. What an amazing group of people! So caring and gentle, and each one made the treatment enjoyable. Yet each one is also an undeniable master in their area of expertise. Charlie, an ER Tech and volunteer fireman who is a first responder on humanitarian efforts such as the Tsunami in the Philippines and the earthquake in Haiti, was my tech for the fractionated chemotherapy sessions. There was never a doubt that I was well cared for, with Charlie around. Cyrus, with 25 years’ experience in radiology and hyperthermia, was one of my hyperthermia technicians. Cyrus and I had many interesting and educational conversations that really made the time fly. Sarah, the youngest of the three, was no junior! Not only is she highly intelligent and experienced with the hyperthermia machine, but she is sweet and funny. I loved my tech team!

The process of becoming a patient and then the weeks of being a patient were made even easier by Grace and Linh. No request was asking too much, and every request was quickly fulfilled with kindness and grace.

At i2Med, I knew I was being cared for by the best of the best. But beyond that I also know that I now have a new family!

I’ll miss everyone very much.


He wants the very best outcome

I am so happy that Dr. Devlin is now practicing in Los Angeles. I have been pursuing alternative cancer treatment for one year now. Dr. Devlin/i2Med is the third practice that I have been treated at. The level of care I have received at i2Med is far superior than anywhere else that I have been. Dr. Devlin is not only extremely knowledgeable, he really listens to his patients and tailors his recommendation for treatment on an individual basis. At the same time, he is very honest and frank and aggressive in his treatment protocols as he wants the very best outcome.

His right hand man is Charlie who is amazing. He is not only extremely knowledgeable about every single aspect of each patient’s care, he is caring and compassionate. He always has a smile on his face and makes you feel comfortable when there for treatment. He is available 24/7 if you need anything at all.

I personally feel very comfortable entrusting my care to i2/Med and would encourage anyone that is dealing with a cancer diagnosis to add i2/Med to their team.