BJ Choi, PA-C

BJ Choi, is a board certified Physician Assistant with an extensive background in wound care and general surgery.

BJ was born in South Carolina and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. To further his passion to help others BJ obtained his EMT license shortly after graduating and ran the Metro Atlanta Ambulance 911 emergency calls in Cobb County, Georgia.

In 2004, BJ was honored with the Cobb County Public Safety Recognition Award for going beyond the call of duty in the field, putting his own safety in danger, resulting in the rescuing or saving of an individual or group of individual lives. Due to his extraordinary accomplishments while serving his community, BJ’s presence was requested to represent the Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service at the 2004 G-8 Summit at Sea Island, Georgia, providing emergency services for the eight largest industrialized democracies hosted by President George W. Bush.

In August 2006, BJ was accepted to the Keck School of Medicine at USC to obtain his Physician Assistant licensure. During his tenure BJ performed his advanced clerkship in orthopedics at St. Lukes Orthopedic Center in San Francisco, a specialty in HIV at 5P21 at LAC+USC Hospital in Los Angeles, along with clerkships in general surgery, family medicine, women’s health, emergency medicine, pediatrics as well as a brief stent in infectious disease.

With a passion for helping people and a love for medicine BJ opted to pursue a career in integrative oncology, where he could truly focus on patient care while practicing under the tutelage of Dr. Sean Devlin. Prior to joining the I2Med family, BJ spent the last five years specializing in wound care in the greater Los Angeles area.

BJ currently resides in Fullerton, California where he enjoys outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking, sporting events and outdoor concerts. Along with his passion for healthcare, he has a flair for food and is always in search of that one special barbeque place that takes him back to his southern childhood.